ArHi OS: Fear


A/N: Its based on Episode 97 aired on 13/10/11. The one where Arnav beats up those goons in Nainital 🙂


She tried to focus, but it only clouded her mind more. Her head was pounding and Khushi clutched it in pain. Just as the haze was about to overpower her she was startled. Through the blur, she watched him beat the man to a pulp. He punched him, over and over again. The man had started groaning in pain but Khushi had never seen an angrier Arnav. He had never been this angry. Not when she annoyed him, not when she did that drama so that he stays back, never. And the animalistic rage in his eyes scared her. Her heart pounded and she screamed at him to stop but he wouldn’t. And she was scared. Oh so scared. Scared that the same man who took care of her this morning could turn so feral in a matter of minutes. Her voice echoed but he didn’t cease his beating. This was not the Arnav she knew. She knew the man who said “What the-” at the drop of a hat. She knew the man whose eyes had softened when the little girl had kissed him. She knew the man who had apologized to her, and this wasn’t him.  She watched helplessly as he pummeled the man with his fist. The fury in his eyes scared her. It terrified her that he was ready to beat this man to death just because he pushed her. In a last attempt to stop him she clutched his shoulder and to her relief a moment later, his shoulders sagged and he got up.

Arnav got up, his heart pounding and his breathing labored. He felt her remove her hand from his shoulder and he stood there for a moment, letting the anger ebb away. He couldn’t help himself. It was alright when they beat him, he could handle it but something in him had snapped when he saw that asshole push her. And for a while there, he’d felt fear. Raw fear, when he saw her sway unsteadily. In that moment nothing but hot, pulsing bolts of anger, coursed through him. And he’d come close. So close in beating that bastard. If only she hadn’t stopped him. He looked at her. She was looking at him, her fear evident in her gaze. She was trying to figure him out, he knew it. He flinched mentally when he saw the unshed tears in her eyes. How did he always manage to do that?

They looked at each other, trying to calm themselves down. The fear had shaken them. Khushi tried not to cry, she would not do that. Arnav took deep breaths, he didn’t remember the last time he’d felt so terrified for someone. He jerked out of his thoughts and recoiled a little as he felt her grab him in a hug.

Khushi hugged him , forgetting that she was supposed to be angry at him. She was afraid, she needed this. A tired sigh escaped from his lips. He gave trying to make sense of what had just happened and clutched her tighter as the residues of his fear left him. She was safe, it’s all that mattered.

A few tears escaped from her eyes and the remnants of her dread left her as he rubbed her back. The one person who made her feel safe, was the person who had scared her in the first place. Arnav smiled wanly. It was she who calmed him and she who brought out the fear. Fear was a funny thing, they thought in unison.



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