Disclaimer: I do not own any of the works listed below. They are merely links to stories/blogs that I enjoy reading! All credit goes to the respective writers! 🙂

I haven’t asked any of the authors mentioned here, as to whether they want to/don’t want to be included in the list! If its not okay with any of you guys, feel free to let me know!

I will directly link you guys to the writers blog if the writer has one!

Also, to read some fanfictions you may have to sign up on their respective websites, so yeah 🙂

Arnav – Khushi

Remembering Dreams : Shuheda

Beyond the Confinement : Shreya

FF: Genesis by Saher

Passions Avenue : Anne

FF: Pandora’s Box : Saher

World of ArHi : Hayley

Petrichor : Amal

Cross Worlds : Sanchari

Writing Paradise

Whispered Monologues

Vintage Hues

The Trodden Paths

Caged Hues

The Reason I Breathe

Highway to Hell

His Gardening, Her Jalebi

The Big Bang

Jaded Love


The Spiral Staircase


Armaan – Riddhima

A Walk on the Beach : Shrutika

Life Out Of Control : Sanaa

Who Knew : Sanaa

Behind the Hazel Eyes : Shrutika

The World’s Oldest Story : Rachna

And Then She Said It : Sushmita

Stardust (A collection of various one shots and short stories) : Sanaa

Open Your Eyes To Love (A collection of one shots) : Shrutika

Core Of My Existence : Ankita

Blues : Hannah

Gangster : Priyanka

Yet Another Sunset : Amal

How To Kill Your Husband : Saniya

The Apollonian and the Dionysian : Ling

The Entire List of Sookie’s work


Draco – Hermione

The Fallout : Sage

Isolation : Bex Chan

I’ve read tonnes of Dramione Fictions and One Shots but I can’t seem to remember any at the moment 😀 Plus, these two are my absolute favorites, forever! ❤


James – Lily

The Life And Times : Jules


Recommendations will be added as and when I come across works of writers! 🙂



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